This list will need to be modified to suit your group, your groups goals, the weather forecast, the time of year and the specific area you are walking in.

What to wear

  • Long sleeve shirt, with collar (sun protection)
  • Shorts or long loose pants (avoid jeans)
  • Hat
  • Comfortable footwear and socks
  • Sunglasses

Personal Gear to carry

  • Backpack (about 35 litres)
  • Water bottle (a refilled soft drink bottle works fine)
  • Whistle (loud, plastic and pealess)
  • Food (a variety of snacks and lunch)
  • Personal medication (such as for asthma, heart issues, or allergies)
  • Rain coat (ideally one with a hood and that will not tear easily)
  • Jumper
  • Copy of the walks map and a compass
  • Pocket knife
  • Torch
  • Sunscreen and insect repellent
  • Matches / fire lighting equipment
  • Space blanket
  • Some cash and ID
  • Large garbage bag
  • For collecting rubbish
  • Doubles as an emergency sleeping shelter

Extra things to consider

  • Your phone (or another GPS) – make sure they are charged
  • Camera
  • Swimmers

Shared in the group

  • First aid kit
  • Map of the area
  • Toilet paper, trowel and hand washing liquid
  • List or people in the group, and their next of kin contact details
  • PLB (if out of mobile phone coverage or in a small group)

If you want to print out this list you can download it here.