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The Great North Walk is a 250 km path from central Sydney to downtown Newcastle in Australia. It is fantastic for holidays, family weekends, bush exploration and treasure hunts.
This site offers information on hikes, access, visits and accommodation.

**New GNW Record**

Starting 4.02 a.m. Thursday 22 March, Meredith Quinlan and Jess Baker completed the Great North Walk at 10.54 a.m. Saturday 24 March, thus setting a new record of 54 hours and 52 minutes, easily beating the previous record of 66 hours. They said, of the trail, "It really is an amazing trail and covers so many diverse ecosystems and localities. Experienced in one hit is an overload of the senses to say the least. "Read their report.

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Australia’s Most Accessible Trail

The Great North Walk is a wonderful trail following many tracks through a bewildering array of natural and urban environments. Created in 1988, as an Australian Bicentennial project, the Great North Walk is rich in the history of New South Wales – discover the generations who walked before you. HIKED IT? WEAR the TEE

Walkers – share experiences here

A super trek (10 days to 2 weeks with bush camping) or day or weekend walks. You can find maps, motels & hotels, spurs and places to visit. Most sections are readily accessible by public transport and we encourage car-pooling. Read more

Upload new photos and way points on EveryTrail as you hike.

Adventures and visits galore

Climbing Mount Warrawolong or glimpsing Mt Wondabyne as you emerge from Australia’s longest railway tunnel. There are new discoveries for all ages on every leg of this incredible journey. Visit hundreds of places and try novel activities.

NEW GNW Guide Bundles

Great Guides available now for the Great North Walk: north, central, south.

Wear your Walk -- Finish and boast!

Whether it takes you and your friends less than 66 hours (the best time yet) or a few years to complete, you can share your photos on this site’s banner and wear a tee-shirt or cap proclaiming your success and your commitment. Shop & share're not logged in

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