Treasure Hunt

The Great North Walk can be a treasure hunt or geo-quest. So far this website describes four components: rock art and other engravings; obelisks and important memorials; bridges and water crossings; and mysteries.

As well as the rock art and obelisk locations, we also suggest some visits that may enliven the walking for you and give brief details of these places and how far they lie from The Great North Walk itself.
Notable modern era obelisks include:
* The Nelson memorial, in Springfield Park, Liverpool, built around 1805 which some migrants could have seen before their departure for Australia;
* Captain Cook’s Monument, Easby Moor, Great Ayton, North Yorkshire. Erected in 1827, this monument stands 15.5 m (51 feet) tall and is built from local sandstone to commemorate the acknowledged European discoverer of Australia;
* The Newcastle Obelisk built in 1850 by British colonists in New South Wales and on the Great North Walk; and
* The Washington Monument in Washington DC, USA, which at 169.29 metres (555 feet 5.5 inches) in height is the world’s tallest true obelisk; completed in 1884.
There are some mysteries that have occurred along The Walk including more than a dozen murders, disappearances and inexplicable deaths. For the sleuths keen on investigation try identifying murdered and their assassins. Which was the most murderous decade in the Walk's 222 year history? Why does one of the Walk's obelisks seem to be covered in blood?

Missing Ginger Meggs:
There is a Ginger Meggs blog - and a knitted Ginger Meggs dolls well as old annuals by the score to collect & cherish. You can follow him on Twitter: @gingermeggs1921 But no-one can now locate the Ginger Meggs bronze statue that used to be in Hornsby Library. Does anyone know where it is now?

Bridges and Crossings:
Bridges (see map below) are another interesting geo-hunt item. There are plenty of these on the Great North Walk ranging from ferries, through weirs and stepping-stones that can be surprisingly quickly covered by a rising river or creek to magnificent structures such as the Mooney Mooney Creek Bridge that carries the F3 Freeway. Among these are engineering masterpieces such as de Burgh’s Bridge and the Brooklyn Railway Bridge and also fascinating footbridges about which there is much to learn. For example, what is the history of the Steele Bridge over Berowra Creek? After Phil Houghton saved his colleague from the flash flood on Piles Creek was the new bridge (which bears his name) raised to ensure that no further floods would wash it away – the fate of its predecessor. We have counted more than twenty bridges plus many sets of stepping-stones. How many can you find?

Location of bridges and crossings

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