Traditional Archery

Traditional Archery: (32° 49′ 12″S, 151° 38′ 36″E) try your hand at archery using traditional equipment fashioned on that used before the 1950s. Shooting occurs every second Sunday. Located just off the F3 Freeway off Leneghans Drive about 17 km due north of the Great North Walk at Warners Bay.

The Great North “Walk Companion extract- page 120

We continue along the road in what can only be described as a sullen silence to be accosted by a youngish driver who pulls his sports car on the verge just ahead of us and jumps out. “Are you folks doing the Great North Walk?” he asks.
“We are,” we agree almost in unison.
“Ah, good, I thought so. Where did you start?”
“Just back there,” says my companion just as I reply “Sydney” and Alice says “Warners Bay”.
Caught out, I smile as he puzzles this out. “We are doing it in stages. Today, we’re just walking from Archery Road into Warners Bay. Are you planning on doing it all in one shot?”
“I would like to but I’m not sure I can convince my partner,” he admits. “She likes a real bath and a soft bed to sleep in each night and I understand that some of the sections only have campsites.”
“We’re looking to have our lunch in Teralba,” says Alice. “There’s a pub there; maybe they have accommodation.”
“That’s why I’m driving round today — see you there maybe,” and with that he jumps back into the red car and is gone in a burst of wheel-spinning dirt.
“We should have asked him for a ride,” my companion mutters.
“And miss Aunt Alice’s story?” I cajole.
“It’s a secret romance,” says Alice, with the maiden aunt-ish smile that only ladies of her vintage can command.

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