NSW Schoolhouse Museum of Public Education

NSW Schoolhouse Museum of Public Education: (33° 47′ 42″S, 151° 7′ 17″E) this museum, housed in the first school building of North Ryde Public School, dates back to 1877. Located on Cox’s Road, North Ryde in the north-eastern corner of the grounds of North Ryde Public School (almost opposite Cox’s Road Mall). Appointments possible for special interest groups booked in advance (+61 2 9805 1186). About 3 km from the Great North Walk intersection with Delhi Road, North Ryde.

The Great North Walk Companion extract- page 169

As far as I can discover, Stephen worked on the trams on the north shore, possibly from the North Sydney depot on Ridge Street. This allowed his small family to live in rented rooms in Lane Cove west. Even though they had eight children in rather quick succession, Hannah must have found herself another job because the wage that Stephen drew from the Sydney Tramcar Company could not pay their bills, much less feed and clothe all these new babies.”
“Did they have to go to school?” Ian asks his mother.
“Yes, just like you — but probably not for as many years — by the way, Billie, have you two visited that old schoolhouse in North Ryde? It’s worth a look although I think you have to make arrangements to join a group tour.”
“No — where is it?”
“On Cox’s Road, not far from here in fact, although there are others around the state. Once upon a time those old schools were knocked down; now they are preserving as many as they can as museums — good idea really.” I nod my agreement but am keen to return to my story about raising so many children around the turn of the last century on a tram conductor’s salary.
“They were forced to sell virtually everything they possessed just to make ends meet except Stephen’s prize possession, bought for him, I think, by Gertrude when he was working for de Burgh: a very early model typewriter — a Blick. I think Stephen always hoped to return to a better job.

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