Australian Reptile Park

Australian Reptile Park: (33° 25′ 8″S, 151° 16′ 40″E) sample some of the wildlife of the Great North Walk including spiders and snakes under safe conditions. Located off Myoora Road, Somersby, close to the Sydney-Newcastle Freeway and only about 4 km from the Great North Walk track.ora Road, Somersby, close to the Sydney-Newcastle Freeway and only about 4 km from the Great North Walk track.

The Great North Walk Companion extract- pages 78-79

We stop to pick up rubbish thoughtlessly dropped by others and walk on for what I thought would be an easy and uneventful last section of our weekend. The Great North Walk trail now heads off in a southerly direction as it descends towards the picturesque agricultural areas of the Congewai Valley. The walking here is easy enough although a little tougher as we begin to descend until, not far above the valley floor, where we come to an area of swampy land surrounding what seems to be a disused dam. I am not really minding my footing as the walking is easy until I nearly tread on a snake.
“Agh!” I shout, stopping my companion in mid-stride. “Snakes!”
Neither of us had prepared for this and I try to recall the advice of treading hard and loudly to frighten them away from the path — now I look around this is a place that would obviously be attractive to snakes — very damp with rocks and logs offering both sunning spots and hideaways as well as an ample supply of amphibians.
“Great, fantastic, now I’m going to die on this walk with you, Billie!”
“Hardly,” I reply, my fingers firmly crossed out of sight. “Just keep up, stomp hard and walk immediately behind me.”
“Don’t they bite the second person in a line — that’s what we were told at school?”
“Just keep going and make plenty of noise walking.” I instruct firmly, quickening my pace.
And so the last part of our down-slope walk is a flurry of stomping and banging sticks as we escape from the boggy lair of the snakes. We see Alice’s car and scramble over the stile that only yesterday I’d so admired, and climb in beside her, gabbling about snakes.

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