Newcastle Regional Museum

Newcastle Regional Museum: (32° 55′ 31″S, 151° 45′ 30″E) recreating the former Castlemain & Wood Bros Brewery in this museum was a major Bicentennial project. Exhibits cover the industrial and technological heritage of the Newcastle region, including its social history, lifestyle and environment. Located at 787 Hunter Street (+61 2 4962 2001). About 1 km from the Great North Walk.

The Great North Walk Companion extract- page 275

Newcastle was the second colonial settlement in Australia. Because of the coal, it was developed very soon after Sydney. In many ways that is what makes the Great North Walk so rich in history — it connects Australia’s two oldest post-European cities and also passes close to over 4 million people’s homes. In our family we’ve seen good and bad. Here, for example,” I wave to the hillocks on the landward side of the dune path we’re walking, “is Murdering Gully.”
“Really a murder? Like the one in Lane Cove?”
“A bit like that because there we don’t know, and may never know, if there even was a murder. Here it’s the same. Most recently, the gully has been linked to the sewage works you can see the top of over there — the Merewether Estate sold an area of 443 acres (180 ha) to the city for the works in 1927. But this creek has had at least three names. The most prosaic is Burwood Gully after the Burwood Estate through which the drainage flowed. You may remember; they were the company that sank the first coal mine shaft here back in the 1880s.”

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