Colliery Heritage Trail

Colliery Heritage Trail: (32° 57′ 7″S, 151° 41′ 55″E) depicting the history of the former Waratah Colliery and also the rail corridor that linked the mine to Port Waratah for coal transfers. Begin at signs on the multi-use pathway at Rasberry Gully Reserve, Kotara South near the corner of Princeton Avenue and Elton Close, Adamstown Heights, NSW, about 1.5 km due north of the Great North Walk at Charlestown.

The Great North Walk Companion extract- pages 26-27

The suburbs of Charlestown and Kahibah are not especially promising topics of conversation and we exchange only occasional comments on gardens along the way. Both suburbs owe their history to coal, although Kahibah seems to have real associations with the first Australians too. Charlestown links its name to a Mr Charles Smith, the manager of the Waratah Coal Company, formed in 1862 specifically to mine coal in the vicinity. The first mineshaft to be sunk, although officially named South Waratah, was known locally as Rasberry Gully, The Gully Pit or, the title that sticks, Charles’ Pit. So the mining settlement that springs up in this area later comes to be Charlestown. I am still pondering how to make suburban houses and parks with a long history of coal mining seem exciting in the 21st century when, as the Great North Walk takes us under the Newcastle/ West Charlestown By-Pass, a tan-coloured dog sidles up to my companion.

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