Botany Bay Park

Botany Bay Park: (34° 0′ 15″S, 151° 13′ 20″E) northern section of the park is at the end of Anzac Parade in La Perouse (about 13 km from Circular Quay on the Great North Walk); the southern section is a little further, on Captain Cook Drive in Kurnell, via Rocky Point Road, off the Princes Highway, Sydney.

The Great North Walk Companion extract- page 10

The credit for the discovery of Port Jackson is given to Arthur Phillip who, on 21 January 1788, led a team of three boats from Botany Bay to explore what Cook had noted as merely an inlet or small bay and named to honour Sir George Jackson, then one of the Lord Commissioners of the British Admiralty. That Cook passed this wonderful harbour without recognizing its capacity is not too surprising if you envisage how it appears from the outside, the Pacific. The cliffs that guard the entrance are 100 metres high so that no view of the basin could be seen from the masthead of the ‘Endeavour’. Middle Head, which is opposite the entrance, acts to close it in so that Governor Phillip’s three boats had to enter the inlet and turn to the south, and then to the west before the heart of this beautiful harbour is revealed. Phillip was so delighted by what he saw that he moved his invasion (for this is what the First Fleet was) of eleven ships to ‘Sydney’ on 26th January 1788. The ships had on board 717 convicts, together with 290 marines, women and children and their livestock, plus tools and equipment, pork and rum.
Sydney Harbour is thought, especially by those of us lucky enough to live near, to be one of the most splendid harbours in the world. As well as being naturally spectacular, and further ornamented by the Opera House and Harbour Bridge on which fireworks blossom every New Year’s Eve, it is also one of the world’s largest harbours: including all its bays, it is well over 55 sq km in area and has a shoreline of over 300 km. More important to the newly arrived Governor Phillip, it offers deep water in every bay and is landlocked and so protected from the harshest of weather and the most aggressive enemies.

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