Berowra Waters Inn [Great North Walk Heritage Dinners]:

Berowra Waters Inn [Great North Walk Heritage Dinners]: (33° 35′ 44″S, 151° 7′ 18″E) on a sea-plane, fly in from Rose Bay or Palm Beach with a spectacular 30-minute flight over Sydney Harbour and the bushland of the national parks on the way to Berowra Waters, which is on the Great North Walk.

The Great North Walk Companion extract- pages 220-221

The path is well trodden as we walk along the edge of the river past the occasional fisherman.
Half a kilometre after the track reaches the river and just (less than 200 m) before the tarmaced car park, there is a piece of Aboriginal rock art on a large rock beside the footpath (it’s on the left as you walk towards the ferry car park). I have checked on the web and interpret for my companion and another group who are passing. “There have been a few explanations of these drawings. Most people agree that the figure on the right is a man wearing an elaborate head-dress. In the centre is a small animal that has been called a koala. The questions are about the figure on the left.”
“Does it have two arms surrounding the ‘koala’?” my companion asks.
“I read that it may be Baiame or Daramulan but also that it’s a mother koala. What do you think?”
“It looks like more than one drawing,” offers a young man from another party who stopped to listen.
“Yeah,” agrees my companion, “done at different times.”
“Thanks anyway,” adds the passing stranger. “We wouldn’t have noticed the engraving if you two hadn’t been here.”
As we walk beside the river, we see that the trail is built on piles and piles of shells.
“These middens are evidence of the hundreds of indigenous families that lived here over time and ate much the same food as Janet,” I offer.
“This guy told me that mussels were ‘filter feeders’, which he said meant they ate dirt!” responds my companion.
“I think it just means they filter the water as it passes by,” I respond wondering whether I’ll choose shellfish at lunch.

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